Streaming music service Deezer adds 20,000 podcasts and radio shows

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Streaming music service Deezer adds 20,000 podcasts and radio shows

New CEO hints at further move into sports and says Deezer can survive against well-funded competition from Apple and Spotify

Streaming music service Deezer is beefing up its spoken-word content, adding more than 20,000 podcasts and radio shows to its catalogue.

The shows will be streamable on-demand alongside the 35m songs available through Deezer, initially from today in the UK, France and Sweden with other countries to follow. Partners in the expansion include the Financial Times, Slate, Monocle 24 and Sveriges Radio.

“You can be more creative about what kind of digital content you put on the platform: more sports, more comedy,” Deezer chief executive Hans-Holger Albrecht told the Guardian.

“To have a perfect lean-back experience, it’s music, but also listening to your favourite news show, your favourite comedy, to listen to football one day if you’re not in the stadium.”

SourceThe Guardian
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