Anatomy of a revolution through art

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Anatomy of a revolution through art

As the war in Syria enters its fifth year, millions of homes have been destroyed and almost half of the population has been displaced. Hundreds of thousands have been killed and injured- the war has resulted in the suffering of almost an entire population.

Many of those who fled the country try their best to remain a part of what they once called home, through photography, art or in any way that helps them feel connected to their cause.

Several Syrian artists have changed the course of their work throughout the Syrian civil war, focusing more on expressing their pain and their country’s devastation through paintings and images. Their message is clear: Syrians are in pain.

Their art has been displayed in several international exhibitions.

Al Jazeera spoke to four Syrian artists who were in Syria when the war broke out in 2011. The artists explained how the war dramatically changed their course of work and the extent to which it has affected them on different levels.

SourceAl Jazeera
Lien Court

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